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CAT6 S / FTP 1M gray 1x angled

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CAT6 S / FTP 1M gray 1x angled

CAT6 S / FTP 1M gray 1x angled. The cable has AWG value 27 with a PVC sheath. Suitable for... Read more

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      CAT6 S / FTP 1M gray 1x angled. The cable has AWG value 27 with a PVC sheath. Suitable for networks up to 1Gbit with a bandwidth of 250MHz. Comes with molded connectors, making the cable plug & play. So you can use the cable right away without extra effort! Thanks to the 100% copper wires, this cable is suitable for the use of PoE (Power over Ethernet). These right-angle patch cables can be used in server cabinets and for connecting various equipment in your home where you do not have too much space at your disposal.

      What is the difference between UTP, FTP and S / FTP?

      The above terms indicate whether the cable has no, one or more shields. A UTP cable is not shielded and installation near other cables can cause malfunctions. FTP is simply a single shield, where S / FTP is double shielded and malfunctions are virtually excluded. Not sure yet? You can always contact us! We are happy to advise you on which cable you may need.

      What is PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

      With Power over Ethernet it is possible to supply both data and power over a standard internet cable. It can be used to power equipment such as security cameras and VOIP phones. Power over Ethernet is especially useful for equipment that is far from a wall outlet, but that requires power.

      Which network cable do I need for my PS4 or XBOX?

      For game consoles, playing online is much more stable if you connect your Playstation or XBOX via a LAN (internet, network) cable. When playing online, there must be a lot of data about the cable, so your network cable must have sufficient bandwidth (throughput speed). Thanks to the 500MHz bandwidth of these CAT6a cables, you can play all your online games without lag (lag). The difference between playing online via WIFI and an internet cable is day and night, so don't wait any longer!


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