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Payment methods

Payment, Prices & Offers
Payment is very easy and safe via iDeal, PayPal, afterwards via Afterpay and with Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard). It is also possible to choose prepayment, the order will then be shipped after receipt of your payment. The prices stated on the website are subject to change and exclude VAT and shipping costs. When it comes to offers, sell out = sell out.

AfterPay – Digital Invoice (Netherlands) AfterPay carries out the entire post-payment process for www.netwerkkabel.eu . This means that you will receive a digital invoice from AfterPay via email to pay for the purchased product(s). You can pay at www.netwerkkabel.eu with a digital invoice up to an amount of € 250 if you pay for the first time via AfterPay. If you are already familiar with AfterPay, you can pay up to an amount of € 400. To approve your request to pay with a digital invoice, AfterPay carries out a data check. AfterPay applies a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement . In the unlikely event that your request for payment by giro is not authorized, you can of course pay for the product to be purchased with another payment method. You can always contact AfterPay if you have any questions. For more information, please refer to the consumer section of the AfterPay website.


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